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About GIMT - Guwahati

" A commitment towards academic excellence ".

The Institute was founded on 7th September 2006 as the first non-governmental engineering institute in the state of Assam under the aegis of the Shrimanta Shankar Academy Society, a registered service organization set up in the year 1992 to make significant contribution for social upliftment through education and also to inculcate among the youth a sense of discipline.

The motto of the Society is "Truth, Discipline & Excellence" and ever since its inception its aim has been to establish a morally sound educational system which not only produces competent professionals but also excellent human beings contributing towards the welfare of the Society.

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B.Tech programmes in AEI, CSE, EE, ECE, ME are accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Govt. of India for the Academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18.

From Secretary's Desk
On behalf of Shrimanta Shankar Academy Society, it is my proud privilege to welcome you to GIMT, Guwahati.
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From Principal's Desk
It is a matter of proud privilege and pleasure as Principal GIMT, Guwahati to share my thoughts and information
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