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The department of Computer Application is enriched with the following facilities:-

Laboratory Facilities: At present the department has three Laboratories each having 30 (Total 90) High End Computers running on wide variety of operating system including Linux, Windows Vista/7/8. All the machines are equipped with latest Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo / Core i3 processor having memory up to 2.00 GB. The laboratory is also equipped with a high speed IBM server with multicore computing facility. The laboratory is providing client-server computing facility to all the 90 computers with the IBM Server. The server, workstations and the PC terminals are connected to the campus wide gigabit compatible LAN with access to the Internet. The IBM server is configured with latest packages and softwares to assist software development. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date DBMS packages, graphics and animation packages, multimedia authoring packages, GIS packages & browsers, Matlab in addition to the various state-of-the art compilers and programming environments, and office automation software. Moreover Workstation computers have mobile application development facilities.

Internet facilities: Each Computer in the laboratory is connected to the Institute WiFi Computer networks that provide high speed Internet facilities.

Library: Students of this department have full access to the of the Insititute.The Library is stocked with an adequate number of latest edition text books & references, Journals & magazines. At present the Library has more than 18000 volumes of books and E-library facility. The functioning of library is computerized with integrated library management software.

Mentoring System: The Institute has adopted the policy of mentoring through which each and every student is under the observation of their respective mentors which guide them in their academic as well as personal problems and grievances.

NPTEL´s E Learning facility: The Institute has also has the facility of free online courseware through NPTEL´s Classle which faculty member and student can avail the countrywide classroom facilities for the enhancement of their knowledge and quality of engineering education.

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