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Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Engineering Mechanics: Several Innovative Experiments have been designed enabling students to acquire basic knowledge of Engineering Mechanics.

Basic Thermodynamics: Ergonomically designed models ( two strokes and four strokes C.I. & S.I. engines, different types of boilers, Boilers mounting and accessories, special engines-Wankel engines and Turbojet engine) being displayed describing basics of the Thermodynamics.

Theory of Machines: Models of mechanisms, brakes, clutches, different types of gears, governors and working models of universal governors, balancing machines, epicyclic gears and belt drives, where students perform hand on experiments.

Fluid Mechanics: Eight experiments including Vortex flow, Reynold's number, Pipe friction, Metacentric height, Bernoulli's Apparatus etc. has been installed where students have to perform experiments.

Heat Transfer: Seven experiments including heat transfer through solids, liquids, powder and composite walls. Stefenj-Boltzman´s Apparatus, heat pipe, demonstrations, emissive Apparatus are being conducted by students.

Instrumentation: Seven experiments based on pressure, temperature, speed, torque, displacement, strain & load are being performed in this lab.

Material Testing: A 100 Ton UTM Machine has been installed under MODROBS project funded by AICTE facilitating a large number of experiments and research. Several other material testing machines are also under the process of acquisition. Building materials used locally are also being tested in this lab.

Computer Lab: This facility is earmarked for project work and research based activities of the students of the department.

CNC Lab: A new CNC machine has been installed in the Department under AICTE project. Final year projects can be executed in this State of the Art machine.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab: Several test rigs of Vapour Compression Refrigeration, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration, Ice making, Air-conditioning have been procured under AICTE schemes & also student development model cooling tower has been added to this lab.

Fuel Injection Centre : A new state of the art "Fuel Injection Lab" has been established with the help of BOSCH Ltd. and a training centre of BOSCH is likely to be started soon.

The First Year students also attend Physics and Chemistry Laboratories and workshop.

Library: A departmental library is in the process of establishing pending room allotment. Books, old questions papers are procured & cataloged.

Publications: Over the last one year, altogether 12 research papers have been published by the faculty members of the Department. Out of these, 3 papers have been published in International Journals.

GIMT Initiatives: Students are encouraged to participate in GIMT Workshops on aero-modelling, robotics, etc. Students get involved in co-ordination activity relating to such workshops.

Other Activities: Department with collaboration with Students chapter of the Institution of Engineers (India), Assam State Centre conduct Seminar, workshop on regular weekly basis. Interactive programmes are also held regularly. "Yantrik Cult" is an initiative by the Mechanical Engineering students which organizes technical talks, workshops etc. on regular basis along with several steps towards social development.


Department of ME