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Programmed Educational Objectives
To develop the department's structure, systems and intellectual capital to enable the department to fulfill its mission.

To provide a supportive and stimulating academic environment to the students that would be congenial for them to develop their expertise and knowledge in the field of management.

To develop valuable life skills of students and transform them to a total personality so that they are enabled to think independently, argue critically, solve problems and communicate effectively at a level which reflects their competency.

To motivate students to bring out the best in them and foster creativity, innovation and effective team building and promote team spirit so that they can work effectively in a team in practical field.

To enrich the knowledge-base of management through applied and conceptual research and quality publications.

To enrich the knowledge and skills of the teaching fraternity of various management institutes in the region through Staff/Management Development Programmes.

To collaborate with the corporate and other academic institutions of repute for the furtherance of management education and research and also for bridging the line of divide.
Department of MBA