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Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE)


The Post Graduate Programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering has specialization in VLSI and Advanced Engineering and related subjects. Laboratories are well-equipped with state–of-the-art softwares like Cadence EDA tools for VLSI chip design and various Communication system simulation Lab facilities.

Advanced Laboratories

These advanced laboratories are set-up for the post graduate students towards pioneering applied research, using their creative talents to pioneer new Technology.

CADENCE VIRTUOSO: EDA tools – University PG bundle Analog and Digital FE & BE:

This tool gives us introduction to various stages of IC designing, complex and high level SOC’s. The future and scope of VLSI is immense in NANO – electronics and Micro-Electronics. VLSI Engineers and Designers are among the most highly paid professionals in the industry.


This tool gives us introduction to system design platform and development environment. Through its ability to integrate with hardware world, its acceptance is wide across various industries around the world.

Xilinx ISE System Edition 12.3:

This tool can be used to implement digital designs on high performance Xilinx CPLD/FPGA on system level. It also supports implementation of embedded development kit.


M.Tech. (ECE)